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Family GAISCHIN was very satisfied with the therapy. The training was fun for Philipp even if it was exhausting! Barbora was very kind to him and he liked her very much! Thank you for everything!
Petra und Alex
We are very satisfied with the services and therapies which are provided in your centre and we will gladly come back to you when our financial situation allows it. A big thank you to Viki’s therapist, Miro, for everything he managed to reach with Viki and for his friendly approach. Viki was really looking forward to the training. At the same time, we want to thank other therapists, Katy and Martin as well for everything they have done for us.
Familie Varhanikova
I can evaluate the 3 weeks very positively… After my visit in the REHA clinic, my personal impression was very good and the expectations correspondingly high. That is why I also immediately decided for a therapy at KINESIS. My expectations were of course not absolutely on the highest level. After looking back, I can only say that I evaluate these 3 weeks as very positive for me because I could make enormous progress. To the whole team, I can only say thank you because they are not only very professional at work, but they also care about my needs. Best regards,
Michael Sulzbacher
Philipp made big progress. This therapy form is unique. We are very delighted, because Philipp makes big progress at every stay! We can only recommend this therapy.
We will come back 3 weeks flew quickly in a very pleasant atmosphere, almost family atmosphere. The therapist Barbora looked after our Emil very professionally even if there was a lot of protest from his side. The training was exhausting, but Emil always went home with a smile. We are very satisfied and will come back.
Fam. Koller
Moritz in KINESIS Centre The therapists are very friendly, competent and eager. Moritz is much softer in his movements, how the Croco influenced his brain will show in the next weeks at home.
Marcel Thanks to the TheraSuit, Marcel attends now every football training of the sport club Eggersdorf. Thank you very much Martin! We are looking forward to February!
Filip’s third stay Martin, we want to thank you very much for training with Filip. It was our third stay and we are happy that the more, the better we walk on crutches and do not need the support of the vehicle. Thank you for your great job.
Jana Puskacova